Pick your eleven! NEW

A unique experience and multiple benefits

During the run-up to a big match or a major competition, give your audience access to our "Pick your 11" environment, to engage them, allow them to have their say and boost their numbers but especially so you can get to know them

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What are the advantages of My 11?

The community aspect

My 11 is built as an experience that can engage your community. Users share their team selection which generates visits to your sites and/or participation in the experience itself.

Enhance your content

Use your users' shares to enhance your content and miscellaneous articles. For example, incorporate the team line-ups and statistics of your visitors into your match articles.

Know your target better

Using My 11 ensures that you collect valuable data and metrics on your users allowing you to then offer content that is more in line with their expectations.

Compatibility with all media

My 11 has been designed as a multiplatform. The desktop version is responsive to cover large screens down to tablets; the mobile version then takes over to provide an optimal experience to the Internet user.

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Technical aspect and customer integration

Easy technical integration

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